Your questions


Below is a range of questions you might have about The Space Edit and how we can assist you.

Do you have any other questions? Call us on 1 300 040588 so we can discuss your move in more detail and answer any queries you might have.

Why use a Project Manager?
Taking care of all the aspects of any move is a time consuming and often complex chore. There are many expert skills you can call upon which you do not have intimate knowledge of. Coordinating it all can be frustrating. A Project Manager takes all the pressure off you.

How are you different to a removalist company?
Moving involves much more than just a truck on moving day. By applying a planned & coordinated approach to your move, well ahead of the moving day if possible, we minimise the chaos and stress. We bring patience, understanding and good humour to the process.

Can a move be a fun experience?
Absolutely! This is where an organised approach consisting of real experts in many fields can make all the difference.

How much does a move cost?
Every move is different. Costs are determined by many elements, including the size of both your home, the amount of household goods you have and the number & choice of services you need. For example, some movers have no requirement for self-storage. We agree on your budget and of course provide you with a written quote both initially after our first meeting and any updates as the project proceeds.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured, as are all the experts who make up our delivery teams.

Do I always deal with the same person?
Yes, you will have a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through every stage of your move.

Will you keep my family updated if I need that?
Of course. You may be living alone. We’d be delighted to involve your family if that is your preference. We think it’s great to have them involved. 

Do you provide insurance for our move?

Do you provide a written quote?
Yes, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote after our initial meeting.

Can you handle my Tech and Wi-Fi requirements?
Yes, we can assist in ensuring the proper connection your Wi-Fi and devices plus your TV and audio visual appliances. Desk lamps and floor lights will be working, phones plugged in and we will set all your clocks.

Can you organise my phone and electricity connection?
Yes, we’re here to ensure everything is taken care of and have a partner that can help with that.

Do you help with the decluttering process?
Yes, We work with a large pool of expert Professional Organisers. Their business is doing precisely this. They assist you with making decisions  – sometimes very emotional ones – on items you’re keeping, gifting to family, selling, donating or discarding. And they can also help you at the other end if you would like advice on organising parts of your new home.

Do you help with hanging my pictures and artwork?
Yes. We can provide you with experts specialising in this

Can you help with interior decorating or design assistance?
Yes. We work closely with top end Stylists.

Can you put me in touch with other services?
Absolutely. There are so many skills involved in a move and we have contacts with the best of the best.