How it works

Your first concerns are convenience and cost. We help you decided what you need and want. A great removalist with lots of experience and a professional attitude is fundamental. We’ll get you a great one. All AFRA members. We get the best prices.
Packers/unpackers. Why? We can provide wonderful packers with years of experience. They come at a very attractive hourly rate and save you so much time and effort. They bring all the materials needed. Above all, they’re a great way to be sure your valued possessions will be safe during transport. And having someone unpack at the other end is just a blessing.
Professional Declutterers. What do they do? Yes, there are professional organisers who specialise in decluttering. It’s not just that they can add value to the property you’re selling, it’s also about getting your new place in order. Getting rid of stuff you no longer need. And having a mature professional working alongside you to help you make any tough decisions. They’re friendly and smart. They help.
Trades and services at both ends. What do they do to help? Holes in the wall, patched. Carpets cleaned. Audio-visual and internet, set up and working perfectly. Anything else you need? What does it cost? As soon as we understand exactly what you need, we’ll arrange quotes, submit a proposal to you within days and if you’re happy with it, we’ll go ahead and arrange everything. You’ve done your part.